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Anger and how to manage it

Anger and how to manage it 


Anger is an emotional state. It is a normal feeling. It may both positive and negative as well. Positive if this helps out while doing work and problem solving at work place or at home. However, anger may negatively affect us and can leads to aggression, burst out and or even physical clash.

Anger Symptoms:

Anger cause both physical and emotional symptoms. In positive anger may not but any individual with anger more suffered it and these below symptoms can occur.

Physical Symptoms

A person with Anger may suffer from different parts of his body. Example Heart, Brain and muscles. In a study done by professionals in 2011, The study results shows that anger also causes increase level of testosterone and decrease the cholesterol level.

The physical signs and symptoms of anger include:

Ø increase blood pressure

Ø increased heart rate

Ø tingling sensation

Ø muscle tension

Ø digestive system

Ø headache 

As you have read that it may leads to physical clash. So, unchecked anger may lead to crime, abuse and other violent behavior.  


There are many of emotions also hurt with anger. You may point out these following emotional symptoms before, during, and after anger:

Ø irritability

Ø frustration

Ø anxiety

Ø rage

Ø stress

Ø feeling overwhelmed

Ø guilt

So, control or manage anger is important to help you to avoid saying or doing anything you may regret. Before anger surge, you must use these strategies to control anger.

How to manage anger

Anger is a normal emotion but if you cannot control anger then you must these following things to overcome this emotional state.

Take a deep breath

While in your anger state your heat beat comes fast. So, take a deep breath to maintain or normalize your breathing. Breath like inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth slowly and deeply. Do this practice for several time almost for 3 to 5 minutes.   

Changing your environment

Changing environment is much important while in anger. Because much of the time surrounding are matters when an individual in anger.

Problems can build pressure on you and you feel angry at the that situation in which you seem to have fallen. All the people, environment and things that cause the trouble and burst you.

Problem solving

Many time, our anger is caused by very real and we cannot escapable problems in our lives. It is also our cultural belief that all problems have s possible solutions, and these solutions aids to our frustration to find out that this isn’t always the case. When we face hurdles in our life or face problems Then your focus must not only to solve but how you handle and face these problems and hurdles.

Make a plan, and check your progress on daily basis or time to time. Resolve to give your best effort and you should not thoughts that you did not do anything for this. Important is that also not abuse/punish yourself if your efforts did not give you true findings. If you give your best intentions and try your level best to solve your hurdles and life problems, then it is help to think that you are not helpless (you can do anything). So, make plan and do this.  

Give yourself a break/time

It is always important to take time for yourself. You should have some time “personal time”. In which you can talk and think about yourself. When you have time for self you can produce good results in many ways. Here is the best example of taking time for your-self. 

Example: There is an individual (it may man or woman) how is works at office or any self-business. When the individual come back from work, he/she take 10-15 minutes to take rest or for self. Even there is much emergency/house on fire in house. any individual is not allowed talk to him/her, after rest or time for self he/she will feel better and handles the problems with effective ways.

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