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Stress Management Techniques

Stress Management Techniques

Now a days, it is bit hard to avoid stress during our lives, your job, family and others commitments you have done. As you have read in above heading this article will help you in management of stress.

Here are some techniques of avoiding stress:

Less external stressors

In our daily life we face stress in different situations. So, we must avoid external stressors which is not relate to our lives.


            Aromatherapy is “use of essential oils for benefits”. This therapy has been used since a century in many dramas and movies you have seen maybe. Like, in drama Usman Ghazi a person use scent to avoid stress and while when in tough situations. So, use Aromatherapy to avoid stress in your lives. 

Benefits of this therapy are as under:

1.     This therapy helps in not only in stress it also helps in depression

2.     Improve your sleep habits

3.     Use of it make you relax

4.      Relief in pain

5.     Use of different oils effects on your body parts like, joints and skin   

Hug to love one

            Hugging is amazingly effective for stress reliever. Because, this release oxytocin hormone which is also called “love hormone” that is much responsible for bonding with others. This is also effective to reduce blood pressure and stress and help to quick calm.

Deep Breathing

            To stay calm and stress reliever take a few minutes of deep breathing. This is most important technique to avoid not only stress but also to stay calm. This might be helpful to learn how to stay calm also. So, keep that exercise on daily basis.



Exercise Routine

            Physical exercise is much effective to stress reliever in short- time. Exercise is a maturely stress reliever activity because while doing exercise our body release endorphin hormones which are responsible for to feel good. This hormone is not only responsible for stress reliever, this is also pain reliever and improve your sense of well-being. So, keep maintain your daily exercise and stay way from stressors other pains and worries.

Eat Well         

            Eat perfect diet to avoid stress because, we did not know about our diet that what it has? Some diet has cortisol (The main hormone related to stress level). So, we must eat proper balance diet to away from stress.

Relaxation techniques

            Relaxation techniques can lower the stress level. Progressive Muscle techniques and other effective techniques. These techniques regulate our Parasympathetic systems (The part of our nervous system responsible for relaxations). So, keep relaxation techniques to stay away from stress.

            Stress management techniques may help you in your daily not only at home but also on workplace as well. These above activities on daily basis leads to reduce stress level. improve your sleep habits and better overall health.so, try these mention habits to release stress day to day life.      

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