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Stress Management

Stress Management

Every individual feel stress in his life. It is natural to feel stress in different situations like, students take stress of their studies, employee take stress of their respective JD’s and other like that. To felt or take stress is normal but if you felt more so, this may harmful for daily life because, it may significantly impact on our daily life like, our thinking style, how to react in different situation and our behave towards other. 

What is stress?

It can be defined “any type of change that causes physical, emotional or psychological strain. Stress is your body's response to anything that requires attention or action.

Symptoms of stress:

During stress individuals may suffer from these psychological and physical mentioned symptoms:

Psychological Symptoms

Ø Mood Swings

Ø Sleep decrease, Insomnia or difficulty to staying asleep

Ø Poor Concentration

Ø Obsessive or compulsive behavior

Ø Anger

Ø Irritability 

Ø Anxious

Ø Mental health issue if existing may worse

Ø Worried or tense

Physical Symptoms

Ø Feel constantly fatigue

Ø Weight changing: weights lose or weight gain

Ø Headache

Ø Constipation

Ø Digestive issue

Ø High blood pressure

Ø Muscle tension

Why stress management is important?

We have already known that stress is normal and every single individual face stress in his/ her daily life but here, the important thing is that how to learn the management of stress.

Risk factors connected with Eexcessive Stress

Already we read about stress upper that how stress is associated with our physical and mental health. A study purpose that stress is as bad as any individual smoke 5 cigarettes per day. Other risk factors which are associated with stress are as under:


Burnout is a result of consistent stress or you can say consistent stress leads to burnout. Gallup said; found in study that 8 people out of 10 experience burnouts at least one time.

High Blood Pressure or heart disease

According to American heart specialists stress may cause really serious long term health consequences. While in stress situation our heart rate increase then normal situations. Problem is not that increase your heart rate but not good if this persists more days. this can put pressure on your heart so, it leads to high blood pressure and other heart diseases as well.

Poor physical health

            When your body feel stress or while during stress thoughts are in “flights or fights” mood. Which reduce your mental and body capacity and did not work properly. Stress relates your endocrine glands, the glands responsible for your hormonal health. You very well know that glands are more important for your body and mentally as well so, imbalance of these glands may lead physical diseases.     

How to deal with stress at home?

Home should be a preserve place. But our homes may actually one of the most important   sources of stress in our daily lives. Instance, you might be face struggle to build relationship with a family member or neighbors, even financial crisis in your daily routine life. Here are some ideas which may help to deal with stress at homes.

Speak for yourself

            In many homes siblings and some time parents did not treat as you deserve and some time mistreat to you then you must speak up for yourself. Let them know that how their behaviors are affecting your life? So, communication is utmost important here discuss your problems, find the solution and reduce the level of stress at home.  

Action planning

            Everyone in his/her routine life face stress. Here if you have any stress, plan about that stress fine problem and take action against the problem. this will reduce your stress level at anywhere even at homes. You must learn that how to solve a problem. solving it may give you the sense of satisfaction also.

Become organized

if you are disorganized this will disturb your daily life and you may fell stress as well. So, be organized yourself to avoid stresses. you must do their duties on time and in organizing ways.      

Time for your self

                You must have time for your-self. If you have a separate room or find a space and dedicate full time for self. Where no-one disturb you and you may feel free to talk your-self. 

Stress management at work.

        For job holder or for working individuals work is a big stressor in their lives. In many researches findings show that stress level on work stations is always remains. Stressors remains at workplace but, it depends on individual that how it perceives. he/she takes positive or may in negative. If he/she take positive he/she will manage it otherwise will face hurdles. It effects your health so, minimize the stress at work place.

Here are some suggestions to manage stress at work.

Understand the Expectations

            Understand that what any institute expect from you and this will fulfil your role at work place. To know your expectations is key role to less your stress at work place so, be ensure or clarify your job descriptions from your seniors or supervisors.

Avoid multitasking

            Multitasking at work place leads to stress. Because it is tough to do tow or more task at same time so, keep avoid multitasking. This may also can cause stress.

Avoid conflicts

            Conflicts are always stressors it may at home or work place. Avoid conflicts at work place is necessary to avoid stress although there are many people you meet at work place which are not understand you and vice versa. So, keep avoiding conflicts at work place.

keep comfort

            Discomfort at work place leads to stress so, set your work station and even your surrounding comfortable to avoid stress at work place.



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